Tuesday, January 19, 2021


(Never born, never died. Visited this planet between 11.12.1931- 19.01.1990)

Today is the death anniversary of Osho! On this day, 19th January, he left his body some 31 years ago! I feel very much emotional when I talk about him. I mean how to describe him, how to tell who he was! It makes me just speechless. But still making an attempt to write something.

Osho..... I met him in July 2012. It is said that when a disciple is ready, Guru suddenly appears. It was all of a sudden! Before that also, I had heard a thing or two about him, read some lines here and there. But then proper encounter took place. So much of it that life got divided- before July 2012 and after July 2012. I.e. Before Osho and after Osho. When I met him, I felt as if all my erstwhile knowledge and information became irrelevant. When I met him, when he came into my life or rather when he stormed into my life, I felt that I have found something new that changed all my framework, all my knowledge and upbringing.

Slowly slowly I started hearing his discourses. It took some time to start listening too. But through his soft and gentle voice, his sharp poise and narration, he makes everything so crystal clear. In short, I would say that what our general wisdom does to us is we divide everything in our life- we divide things or people or aspects such as good or bad. We sort of differentiate between all dimensions of life and then we choose certain ones and reject certain ones. But Osho gives us some insight to integrate life. Then life becomes a solved jigsaw puzzle- all pieces fall in place and an integral picture becomes visible!

Osho, in his own words has said that when a proper path is found, you can smell the air of the destination right from the first step. Indeed. That kind of a very life- shaking feeling came when I sort of came near him. “This is the thing. This is that!” That is what the mind shouts from within. And then it was he who was all over me. All my knowledge, intellect, mind mechanisms till then were very much useful for me to bring me to him. Everything sort of prepared me and helped me like a launchpad. I was prepared to receive him and to understand him. I know I was very lucky.

Okay, put simply, who Osho is? Osho is the modern enlightened master, rightly called the master of masters and who talks about meditation or spirituality in the very 20th century language terminology. He is the modern day Krishna, Jesus, Nanak or the similar enlightened ones. From Hinduism, Jainism, Buddhism to Christianity, Zen, Sufism and all kinds of spiritual traditions, he has spoken on every tradition and every major master in that tradition. Be it Vedanta, be it modern masters like Kabir, Nanak, Meerabai, George Gurdjeef, Jesus, Saint Augustine, Bodhidharma, Buddha, Zarathustra and similar blessed ones. He has spoken about all of them, about hundreds of such traditions. Right from Yoga to Tantra, from Bhakti to meditation. And he has given us the essence. He has brought us the most essentials.

Still feeling short of words to explain it. But here I try again. What I get from him. He sort of guides us and helps us to find our own way. In one of his discourses, he also has stated this- When you walk on some path, you need directions. There comes a stranger who gives you the direction. You just take it and walk on the path. Osho says, treat me like that stranger and do not even get attached to me. Just take your path! When I got him, my life got slowly and steadily synchronized. There were factors in my life which I did not accept and which were troublesome. But with Osho, everything started to fall in place and life became harmonious. My gestalt started changing. He opened doors to experience small wonders of life. He  in a way unlearned me from all the bull**t called education and social learning. He sort of unlearned and helped me to become natural again. An uncluttered mind.

Have you ever thought? When a baby is born, he or she is totally innocent. But somehow as the time passes by, somehow society makes some of such innocent ones criminal or politician etc. But basically everyone is innocent. Osho helps us understand how we have corrupted ourselves, how we have maligned the clean clothe we were originally.

Jesus had said that to enter kingdom of God, you will have to become like a child. Osho helps us for this. He says that divinity is your very own being. Proclaim it. Dare to see it. That is why he proclaimed himself as Bhagwan. Only to ignite our mind. To help us understand who we all are or rather what everything is.

When I slowly slowly started to enjoy him, many things changed for me. I slowly got enslaved out of social order. Started to live my own life. Then the relation of a disciple- Guru started. Then many of Hindi songs of lovers became Guru- disciple songs for me. I started finding my Guru in every reference of lovers. And much happened. There is much more to write. But to speak about it is rather difficult. Those who are interested to know more, I would just request them this. You can download his compiled biography- a collection of texts from his live discourses- It is a 1308 page work and it is a brilliant experience to read it. I have myself read it three times. I request you just one thing. If you want to know him, just read first 100 pages. For first 100 pages, please keep aside all your biases, your questions, all your interpretations. Experience him through his first 100 pages. And taste him. Enjoy him. Then you are free to decide further. Link of the book is here. You can also listen his discourses in English and Hindi from www.osho.com.

Osho in one word is WITNESSING!

Happy meditation to you all!


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