Monday, December 5, 2016

The Master: A story from Jesus

Jesus used to tell a parable. He said that it happened once that a great lord, a great master, a very rich man, went on a far-away journey. He told his servants that they had to be always alert because he would be back any moment, ANY moment. And whenever he came back, the house should be ready to receive him. He could come back, any moment. The servants had to be alert, they couldn’t even sleep. Even at night they had to be ready because the master could come any moment.

Jesus used to say that you have to be alert every moment because any moment the Divine can descend into you. You may miss. If the Divine knocks at your door and you are fast asleep, you will miss. You have to be alert. The guest can come at any moment, and the guest is not going to inform you beforehand that he is coming.

Jesus said just like the servants of that master, remain alert continuously, remain aware, waiting, watchful because any moment the Divine can penetrate you. And if you are not alert, he will come, knock and go back. And that moment may not be repeated soon; no one knows how many lives it may take before the Divine will again knock at your door. And if you have become habitually asleep, you may have missed that knock many times already and you may miss it again and again.