Monday, August 28, 2017

A noble initiative with a wonderful challenge


This is to inform you regarding one noble initiative and a wonderful challenge. Shri. Harshad Pendse from Pune is shortly going to complete Khardungla ultra marathon which involves running of 72 km at height above 5000 meters. It is called as Khardungla challenge. 

Shri. Pendse has decided to dedicate this expedition to a voluntary organization Maitri based in Pune. In words of Shri. Pendse himself- "I am a person who has varied interests and it becomes very difficult for me to stay put with single interest. However there are few things that have had my my interest for years now. Running and Maitri are two amongst them. I started volunteering for Maitri in 2012 and started running in 2013. Both have a very special place in my life. This year I have taken up a challenge of running at Khar Dung La in Ladakh region. Its an ultra Marathon (72 Kms) at high altitude. I am dedicating this run to Maitri, an NGO working at Melghat for the upliftment of the Korku Tribe and arresting child deaths due to malnutrition. I intend to gather minimum 72 donors who will donate minimum 1k to Maitri. (From his facebook page: Run for Maitri:

I have myself contributed for this noble initiative. Earlier I had worked with Maitri organization during Uttarakhand relief work 2013. Maitri is working in many areas. More details can be found at:

But this is not just fund raising activity, it is a great inspiration, it is a challenge to everyone, motivation to everyone. For preparing for this mission, Shri. Harshad Pendse have run for greater distances such as 35 kms, 45 kms and even 50 kms. He makes it look so easy, he says that as I can do this, anyone can do this. He says that he is also surprised by his capacity! So, this is a great motivation for all. And so I was inspired by him and started running consistently. It gave me new vision not only about running, but also about fitness, stamina and our latent potential. 

I am happy to say that taking inspiration from him, I started running regularly and completed my first informal half- marathon near Parbhani, Maharashtra on 27th August. What a feeling it was!

Shri. Harshad Pendse's mission has received great response. More than 60 individuals have come forth and have contributed for Maitri organization. His objective of getting 72 donors is almost complete. People have contributed greatly for Maitri organization. I have myself contributed and for Maitri which works in many areas such as disaster management, tribal welfare in Melghat region (area in north Maharashtra), malnutrition etc. It is a great example of how one's passion and hard work can lead to such a noble activity and how it becomes a great inspiration.

So, while giving all the best to Shri. Harshad Pendse for his, I appeal all to take some inspiration from this and also contribute for this. All of us contribute for some organization, sure. But this is worth consideration. 

Read about this initiative of Shri. Harshad Pendse- run for Maitri-

Maitri website:

Facebook page of Shri. Harshad Pendse:

Maitri Account Details (avail this facility at no cost)
Bank : H D F C Bank
Branch : Kothrud, Pune
Savings Account Number : 01491450000152
Account Name : Maitri
MICR : 411240009
Details for RTGS / NEFT / IFS Code : HDFC0000149

Maitri Account Details (avail this facility at no cost)
Bank : H D F C Bank Limited
Branch : Kothrud, Pune, Maharashtra, India.
Savings Account Number : 01491170000017
Account Name : Maitri
MICR Code : 411240009
Swift Code : HDFCINBB

If anyone from you wishes to contribute, please inform to Maitri organization: 
Registered Address:
'Kalyan', 32, Natraj Society,
Karve Nagar,
Pune 411038

Office Address:
Flat No. 9, Mahadev Smruti,
Near Balshikshan School, Mayur Colony,
Kothrud, Pune 411038

Phone: +91-20-25450882
Email :

Thank you!

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